Leadership Development Programs at ICMA

International City County Management Association pic
International City County Management Association
Image: icma.org

Municipal administrator David Frasher is the City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he oversees all city departments and budgets. Outside of his work in Hot Springs, David Frasher contributes to the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Fund for Professional Development.

A professional organization focused on creating excellence in local government, ICMA offers a number of professional development opportunities through its ICMA University program. In particular, ICMA sponsors leadership development programs for individuals involved in all levels of local government.

Recent graduates of MPA/MPP programs can participate in the Local Government Management Fellowship (LGMF), which provides a pathway for securing an entry-level position in local government management. Once accepted to the program, fellows begin management-track positions with local governments, often rotating through a variety of departments.

For local government officials in the middle stages of their careers, the Mid-Career Manager Institute (MCM) raises awareness of leadership responsibilities and important management issues. Credentialed managers can participate in the Legacy Leaders program, where they provide mentoring and professional support to the next generation of local government managers.

To learn more about leadership development programs at ICMA, visit icma.org.


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