Three Tips for Traveling Light

Travel Light pic
Travel Light

David Frasher has over a decade of experience working as a city manager for multiple cities across the country. Currently, he serves as the City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas. When he has the time, David Frasher enjoys traveling.

One of the most important parts of any trip is packing light, as you don’t want your luggage to take over your trip. The following tips will hopefully help.

1. Roll your clothes. This helpful tip comes from backpackers, who are used to keeping all their clothing in packs not much larger than a typical carry-on bag. Tightly roll pants, skirts, shirts, and underwear. Your clothes will take up less space, and they will be less likely to crease or wrinkle.

2. Wash your clothes. If you wash your clothes during your trip, you can take fewer items with you. While this may not be practical for every situation, many hotels have laundry service, and if you are staying in a vacation rental, there’s a good chance you’ll have laundry facilities. If you are really eager to lighten your travel load, you can even hand wash your clothes in the sink and hang them to dry in the bathroom, using a portable laundry line.

3. Make the most of your shoes. Shoes simply take up a lot of space. You cannot roll them or even fold them so they take up less room. If you have to take more than the pair you are wearing, you can at least use them for storage. Stuff socks, cell phone charging cables, makeup, or other small items in your shoes to gain back some of the space they displace.


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