Rotary International Brings Clean Water to Costa Rica

Oregon City chapter of the Rotary Club pic
Oregon City chapter of the Rotary Club

City Manager David Frasher works with local residents and the city board of directors to make Hot Springs, Arkansas, a great place to live. In addition to his professional duties, David Frasher is a Rotary International member who has participated in service activities across the country, including in Oregon City.

The Oregon City chapter of the Rotary Club was created in 1936. Since then, it has led dozens of projects in the local community, in addition to several special international service projects.

In 2012, the chapter began a large project that brought clean water to a village in Costa Rica. Volunteers traveled to Lanas de Puriscal, a remote village that has historically lacked access to clean water. Contaminated water has led to many cases of bacterial infection and other maladies in this area.

Thanks to Rotary volunteers and $43,000 in donations, several new water systems will provide two decades’ worth of fresh water for Lanas de Puriscal residents. This will allow people there to worry less about basic necessities, freeing them up to focus on education and building up their community.


A Simple Recipe for Heirloom Caprese

Heirloom Caprese pic
Heirloom Caprese

As City Manager, David Frasher works alongside a board of directors to keep Hot Springs, Arkansas, running efficiently. Outside of his professional life, David Frasher loves to cook, and is especially fond of Mario Batali’s recipes.

If you love Italian food, try out this simple heirloom caprese recipe, created by Mario Batali.

Slice one and a half pounds of your favorite heirloom tomatoes, setting the tops aside. If you opt for cherry or grape tomatoes instead, simply cut them in half.

Puree the tomato tops, then strain to create tomato water.

Create a vinaigrette by combining one-quarter cup of the tomato water, two tablespoons of champagne vinegar, a dash of cracked pepper, and a pinch of high-quality sea salt. While whisking, drizzle in six tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Compose the salad by tossing one cup of basil leaves over the tomato slices. Tear 10 ounces of fresh mozzarella into small chunks, and scatter these in. Drizzle the vinaigrette over everything, and finish the salad off with a pinch of salt and a final splash of oil.

Mario Batali Combines Travel and Food in The Big American Cookbook

The Big American Cookbook pic
The Big American Cookbook

Veteran public administrator David Frasher, who currently serves as City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, enjoys cooking when not at work. For inspiration, David Frasher follows renowned chefs including Mario Batali, on their cooking and traveling journeys.

Mario Batali, an American chef, specializes in Spanish and Italian foods. His education took him from Madrid to Rutgers University to Le Cordon Bleu in London. Eventually, he apprenticed with Marco Pierre White, a legendary chef in London. He then traveled to Borgo Capanne, a village in Italy, where he learned the secrets of great Italian food. Today, he is one of the most famous chefs in the world, with more than 10 cookbooks to his name.

Batali’s latest project combines cooking and traveling: The Big American Cookbook. Batali traveled the US for the best recipes, visiting church socials, state fairs, and ethnic circles. He discovered the best gumbos from the Gulf Coast, BBQ secrets from the South, and berry pies from the West Coast. When inspired, he amended the traditional recipes with his own variations. The result is a collection of more than 250 recipes that witness to Batali’s signature freshness and simplicity.

Tommy Emmanuel Inspires Global Audiences with Distinctive Approach

Tommy Emmanuel pic
Tommy Emmanuel

Experienced public administrator David Frasher is the City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, in which role he oversees the city’s hiring, departments, and funding. In his leisure time, David Frasher enjoys listening to acoustic guitar music and names Tommy Emmanuel as one of his favorite acoustic guitarists.

Tommy Emmanuel, an Australian musician, has won Australia’s Best Guitarist award four times. His fingerstyle guitar music integrates a variety of genres with jazz improvisation, ranging from rock to blues, classical, country, Spanish, and more.

Emmanuel won two ARIA awards during his time as a songwriter and sideman, and in 1988 he began his solo career. After a short sabbatical in 2007 due to health issues, he immediately started recording new music. His innovative approach to combining acoustic and electric guitars has earned him fame around the world.

Emmanuel, who only sightreads music, insists that the feeling of the music is his inspiration; if his music makes him feel inspired, then he knows that it will inspire his fans. This humanistic, carefree approach to music is likely what makes him appealing to his worldwide audience; while many musicians edit out the finger noise in their albums, he leaves these imperfections in as his signature.