Anthony Bourdain Explores the Unexpected With Food and Travel


Anthony Bourdain pic
Anthony Bourdain

David Frasher dedicates his working days to his role as City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and spends much of his free time learning from famous cooks. One of David Frasher’s favorite foodies to follow is Anthony Bourdain, an American chef and television personality.

Anthony Bourdain, who was born in New York, attended the Culinary Institute of America; he started his kitchen career as a dishwasher. For 20 years, he worked his way up through the positions of line cook, then sous chef, then chef. He has previously worked at Brasserie Les Halles in Manhattan as the executive chef.

In Bourdain’s television show, Parts Unknown, he combines travel with food. During his travels, one of the countries that most surprised him was Iran, as he notes in an interview with Travel + Leisure. The hospitality was friendly and the food was delicious; he explored mosques, gardens, masterpieces in art, and dishes such as saffron rice with eggs stuffed into meatballs. He reports that he was pleasantly surprised with a “much bigger picture” than what tends to be portrayed in the media.


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