Operation Thunderstruck Arrests 40

Operation Thunderstruck Hot Springs Police


Hot Springs, Arkansas, City Manager David Frasher spent time as a police officer, detective, and attorney before turning to city administration. He is also credentialed with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). Recently, David Frasher appointed Jason Stachey as the new Hot Springs Police Chief. Stachey immediately began an arrest initiative called Operation Thunderstruck.

The initiative involved several local agencies, including the police department, the sheriff’s department for Garland County, and the prosecuting attorney’s office for the 18th Judicial District East. Arkansas Community Correction was also involved, as was the US Department of State/Diplomatic Security Service and the US Marshals Service.

Operation Thunderstruck focused on individuals with outstanding warrants for possible felonies committed, and arrested 40 people within approximately one week. Most of the arrests were for theft-related felonies, but a few were for violent crimes ranging from sexual assault to battery.

The Hot Springs Police Department is currently focused on crime reduction, and some figures suggested that crime has indeed dropped by 10 percent for the month of February from 2016 to 2017.


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