About David Frasher

A Credentialed Manager for the International City/County Management Association, David Frasher most recently served as the City Manager for Oregon City, Oregon. As the City Manager, Mr. Frasher reports to the City Commission, a group of elected individuals including the Mayor, while also assuming responsibility for developing and administering the annual budget. David Frasher endeavors to increase public safety and improve the efficiency of the community services, public works, and community development programs. Throughout his life, he has remained committed to the core values he learned growing up in the Midwest. The ideals of hard work, honor, integrity, and service that were instilled in him from a young age allowed him to put the needs of others first as a public servant.

After graduating from law school, David Frasher accepted a position as a Law Clerk for the Alaska Court of Appeals in Anchorage. There, he learned several important strategies that aided him in passing the bar exam and establishing his own private practice. After representing clients in personal injury, civil, contract, criminal, and other types of cases for several years, David Frasher decided to make a change in the path of his career and work as a City Administrator for the City of Oak Grove in Missouri. In this role, Mr. Frasher was granted the city’s first Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association for his level of care and superior planning in presenting the annual budget. David Frasher made many vital changes in the city’s operations, including the development and implementation of a new water and wastewater program and the adoption of a new Internet bidding policy that was enacted to increase the effectiveness of municipal purchasing in Oak Grove.


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