The Oregon City Chamber of Commerce Presents the “Heartstrings”

Oregon City Chamber of Commerce pic
Oregon City Chamber of Commerce

David Frasher serves as the city manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he manages all the city’s departments as well as its funds. In addition to his commitments to the municipality, David Frasher also participates in community-based civic work as a board member of the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce.

The Oregon City Chamber of Commerce works with local businesses to create an environment supportive of its enterprises. With over 300 members, the chamber addresses the needs of the business sector and links them to other community decision makers. It also initiates several events to promote local talent.

In December, the chamber invites the community to a musical event featuring the Heartstrings. This husband-and-wife musical duo hails from Tulatin, Oregon, and are known for playing both contemporary and period music. Their unique performances feature interpretive costumes, and folk instruments such as the hammered dulcimer.

The Heartstrings performance will be held at the End of Oregon Trail Interpretive and Visitor Center, on December 18, 2016.


Rotary International Brings Clean Water to Costa Rica

Oregon City chapter of the Rotary Club pic
Oregon City chapter of the Rotary Club

City Manager David Frasher works with local residents and the city board of directors to make Hot Springs, Arkansas, a great place to live. In addition to his professional duties, David Frasher is a Rotary International member who has participated in service activities across the country, including in Oregon City.

The Oregon City chapter of the Rotary Club was created in 1936. Since then, it has led dozens of projects in the local community, in addition to several special international service projects.

In 2012, the chapter began a large project that brought clean water to a village in Costa Rica. Volunteers traveled to Lanas de Puriscal, a remote village that has historically lacked access to clean water. Contaminated water has led to many cases of bacterial infection and other maladies in this area.

Thanks to Rotary volunteers and $43,000 in donations, several new water systems will provide two decades’ worth of fresh water for Lanas de Puriscal residents. This will allow people there to worry less about basic necessities, freeing them up to focus on education and building up their community.