Useful Advice for Hunting Deer


Hunting Deer pic
Hunting Deer

As the city manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, David Frasher is responsible for running all city departments and hiring and supervising all city employees. When he is not working, David Frasher enjoys hunting. Deer are among the most popular animals to hunt in the United States, so here are some useful tips for hunting them.

Deer are very sensitive to unnatural smells and are able to pick up on hunters who aren’t careful with the soaps and deodorants they use. Shower with scent-free soap in the days leading up to a hunt.

The same goes for clothes, which can also be contaminated by smell. Keep them in a plastic bag alongside leaves and ground debris from your stand until you are ready to hunt. This will allow them to take on a more natural scent.

After a successful approach, you need to focus on shooting the vitals of the animal. Tune out the surroundings and don’t allow the antlers to become a distraction. You should target the area just above and behind the front shoulder, so wait for the deer to clear any vegetation and whistle to stop the animal. Take the shot during that startled moment.