David Frasher Speaks at News Conference for Operation 8 Ball


David Frasher pic
David Frasher

David Frasher earned his JD from the Washington University School of Law in 1993. Having previously worked as a City Administrator for Ashland, Wisconsin, David Frasher is currently the City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, which witnessed the implementation of Operation 8 Ball in October 2016.

A multiagency sting operation on drug trafficking in Garland County, Arkansas, Operation 8 Ball lasted six months and netted 49 arrests on both federal and state warrants. At a Garland County Department of Emergency Management news conference, Mr. Frasher announced that the arrests proved that anyone involved in that sort of criminal activity had chosen the wrong place to conduct their business.

Mr. Frasher went on to commend the mayor and city board of directors for allocating the funds necessary to carry out the lengthy operation. He also mentioned that when he hired Hot Springs Police Chief Jason Stachey, he had given him a mandate to reduce crime in the community.