Functions of GFOA’s Offices

 Government Finance Officers Association pic
Government Finance Officers Association

Starting his public service as a police officer in the City of Independence, Missouri, David Frasher has garnered over three decades of experience serving in roles ranging from law clerk to city administrator. David Frasher works as the city manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, which received the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the 23rd consecutive year.

GFOA promotes financial management in state and local governments by providing guidance on best practices, networking opportunities, research, training, recognition programs, and publications on public finance. These services are offered through GFOA’s six offices in Chicago and Washington, DC.

1) The association’s Federal Liaison Center in Washington, DC, keeps GFOA members apprised of policies related to public finance while advocating for the association’s interests through regular contact with public officials. The office also develops best practices for the public finance sector and conducts a weeklong program on leadership for GFOA members.

2) The Research and Consulting Center in Chicago conducts research on financial management and provides consultations on long-term financial planning, contract negotiations, and administrative systems to state and local governments, among other functions.

3) GFOA’s Operations and Marketing Center is responsible for the logistics and advertising of various training programs and events that the association holds throughout the year.

4) The Financial Administration Center supports the administrative and IT capacities of the organization.

5) The Technical Services Center is primarily responsible for administering the association’s recognition programs and offers technical information on accounting, financial reporting, and budgets.

6) GFOA established the Office of the Executive Director to manage the organization overall.


David Frasher Speaks at News Conference for Operation 8 Ball


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David Frasher

David Frasher earned his JD from the Washington University School of Law in 1993. Having previously worked as a City Administrator for Ashland, Wisconsin, David Frasher is currently the City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, which witnessed the implementation of Operation 8 Ball in October 2016.

A multiagency sting operation on drug trafficking in Garland County, Arkansas, Operation 8 Ball lasted six months and netted 49 arrests on both federal and state warrants. At a Garland County Department of Emergency Management news conference, Mr. Frasher announced that the arrests proved that anyone involved in that sort of criminal activity had chosen the wrong place to conduct their business.

Mr. Frasher went on to commend the mayor and city board of directors for allocating the funds necessary to carry out the lengthy operation. He also mentioned that when he hired Hot Springs Police Chief Jason Stachey, he had given him a mandate to reduce crime in the community.

Useful Advice for Hunting Deer


Hunting Deer pic
Hunting Deer

As the city manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, David Frasher is responsible for running all city departments and hiring and supervising all city employees. When he is not working, David Frasher enjoys hunting. Deer are among the most popular animals to hunt in the United States, so here are some useful tips for hunting them.

Deer are very sensitive to unnatural smells and are able to pick up on hunters who aren’t careful with the soaps and deodorants they use. Shower with scent-free soap in the days leading up to a hunt.

The same goes for clothes, which can also be contaminated by smell. Keep them in a plastic bag alongside leaves and ground debris from your stand until you are ready to hunt. This will allow them to take on a more natural scent.

After a successful approach, you need to focus on shooting the vitals of the animal. Tune out the surroundings and don’t allow the antlers to become a distraction. You should target the area just above and behind the front shoulder, so wait for the deer to clear any vegetation and whistle to stop the animal. Take the shot during that startled moment.

ICMA for Good Governance Worldwide

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International City/County Management Association

Western Missouri native David Frasher serves as the City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Apart from being an experienced public servant, Juris Doctorate holder Davis Frasher is also a Credentialed Manager with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

The ICMA was established in 1914 with the mission of institutionalizing professional local governments around the world to promote good governance, which ultimately should improve people’s lives. The organization aims to identify and foster practices that address the needs of local governments.

Public service professional such as City, Town, or County Managers who have been selected by elected officials are eligible to become members of ICMA. Membership is also extended to local government staff, professors, and students, and others interested in the mission of ICMA. The members of the ICMA are able to take advantage of different services provided by the association including technical support and advice on building transparency and maintaining equity.

ICMA also supports communities around the world through its other components such as ICMA Press, which publishes various resources including books and survey research for local government professionals. Other components include ICMA University, which offers opportunities to learn from conferences and workshops; ICMA Program Centers, which provide solutions to professionals’ problems through peer collaboration; and ICMA International, which supports excellence in local governance worldwide.

The Voluntary Credentialing Program for Government Managers

International City/County Management Association pic
International City/County Management Association

As the City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas, David Frasher oversees the city’s departments, funds, and hiring process for city employees. David Frasher also maintains certification as a Credentialed Manager with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). Professional local government managers may acquire certification through the Voluntary Credentialing Program.

ICMA’s Voluntary Credentialing Program awards certification to deserving government managers who meet the proper educational and experiential qualifications. Certified professionals maintain an adherence to lifelong learning, professional development, and high standards of integrity. The self-directed Credentialing Program consists of a peer review credentialing process and emphasizes the importance of long-term professional development opportunities. In order to complete the credentialing process, managers must possess a degree from a regionally accredited or DETC-accredited university, complete an Applied Knowledge Assessment, and submit an application within three years of receiving the assessment results.

Managers with ICMA Credentialed Manager designation are entitled to an assortment of benefits. In addition to recognition as a professional local government manager, the title serves as a symbol of the individual’s commitment to integrity, lifelong learning, and high standards. Such managers also receive access to various special workshops and other exclusive training opportunities that foster professional development and peer review. Furthermore, they are eligible for the Legacy Leaders Program, which encourages managers to coach the next generation.

The ICMA accepts applications for the Voluntary Credentialing Program on the first of each quarter. Applicants must pay $75 for the Applied Knowledge Assessment and an online application fee of $50. For more information, click the “Credentialing” link in the Membership menu at

Travel Apps that Connect Travelers with Locals


Eatwith pic

Credentialed manager David Frasher served as a city administrator and manager of several communities across America. In addition to travel to serve various cities, David Frasher frequently travels for leisure. Here are some travel apps that help tourists travel like locals:

Airbnb – This app connects tourists with locals by providing the former with home listings in each city. Instead of staying in hotels, tourists can enjoy the company and hospitality of local homeowners.

Eatwith – Having authentic, home-cooked meals in a new city gives tourists a taste of local culture. With Eatwith, travelers can look for hosts willing to cook popular dishes for them, for a fee.

Party with a Local – Through this app, travelers connect with locals who are willing to join them for a glass of wine, or a night at the club.

Vayable – Locals serve as vacation architects in the app, Vayable. They create and curate ideal vacation ideas for travelers, who wish to experience a city or culture the way locals do.

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