Why Roasting Is Still a Healthy Way to Cook Vegetables

Roasting vegetables
Roasting vegetables


For over 17 years, David Frasher has overseen multimillion-dollar investment and infrastructure projects around the country. He has handled accounts in various cities all over the country while implementing reformations in public institutions to promote increased efficiency. In his free time, David Frasher enjoys cooking.

Roasting, a traditional way of cooking, is being studied at as a great way to prepare vegetables. Nutritionists agree that while roasting vegetables can modify the quality and quantity of its nutrients, they retain their fibrous characteristics and can still be a good source for essential vitamins and minerals.

Although it is true that cooking vegetables can reduce the amount of nutrients such as vitamins B and C, which are solvent, cooking can make these nutrients easier to absorb. For example, a higher amount of lycopene is sourced from cooked tomatoes, while a higher amount of carotenoids is sourced from cooked carrots.

However, dietitians still recommend cooking vegetables in various ways to maximize nutritional benefits. Steaming vegetables, for example, may be one of the best ways to cook vegetables while keeping their nutritional profile, since this method only exposes the vegetable for a relatively short time. Additionally, minimizing the use of oil and keeping the temperature below the point where the oil starts to simmer can improve the quality of the vegetables.


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